Choir Scholarships

At NZCCA we have limited scholarship places available for families who need financial assistance to take part in the Junior and Senior weekly choir programmes. The scholarship places are made possible with the generous support of the Rhondda Garland and Dame Sister Mary Leo scholarship funds.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship please complete the expression of interest form, and our Chair will make contact to discuss a full application. Scholarships will cover up to 50% of annual fees and costs, and applicants will be asked to provide supporting information to demonstrate the need for financial assistance. Scholarship applications are treated with the utmost privacy and will be managed by the Chair of NZCCA - Lois Chick ONZM.

Please complete this expression of interest form and our Chair will be in touch to advise if Scholarship places are available, and to request further supporting information.

Ethnicity (for our reporting purposes only)

Endorsement from music teacher/leader

Do you give permission for photos and videos of your child taken at NZCCA events to be used for NZCCA publicity purposes?

Please provide a brief explanation about the opportunity participating in NZCCA represents for your child and what benefit(s) you believe your child will gain?

Please outline your financial situation and why you require assistance with the cost of participation.

Which choir are you applying for?